CROH Demands Accountability from the Green Party of PA


Here’s the twitter thread.

We are being badjacketed by the Party for exposing fascist entryism in . This is unacceptable behavior that is grounds for removal in any self respecting left wing org. – @crohlv

GPLV: These people do not support M4A, obviously, they are doing all of this to prevent people from having healthcare. If you think these people see a march for M4A, support M4A so they "dig for issues" and then magically conclude M4A people are nazis, you're a moron. Seriously.
@LehighGreen quote-tweeting our research into M4M4ALL

GPPA co-chair Tina Olson has publicly requested that CROH enter into conflict resolution. We respect this, but also want to make clear the power imbalance between a grassroots anti-fascist research affinity group and a national political party.

We read this reply to mean that Oslon thinks we are upset over a mere difference of opinion, which is not true.

We do advise that activists, volunteers, organizers, and organizations steer clear of M4M4ALL. The reason is because we think the security culture of many organizations involved cannot be improved by July 24. There is an urgent need to mitigate the security risks enumerated in our open letter to M4A organizers.

We do advise that absolutely no personal information should be shared with the national organization or anyone with affiliations with MCSC Network, through or any other means.

If people disagree with this advice, so be it. We will be worried and dissapointed, but we can handle that. We are seeking accountability for bad-jacketing. As we are using it, bad-jacketing refers to a category of behaviors that can be broadly described as “using unsubstantiated accusations of conspiracy against other left wing activists.” It is a common tactic used by secret police, fascists, and other authoritarians to disrupt grassroots social movements. It’s also almost indistinguishable from having a toxic personality, so we want to make clear… bad-jacketing is bad because it is harmful, regardless of whether or not it is intended to be or there’s actually a conspiracy behind its practice. The behavior itself is what troubles us.

Therefore, we are making the following demands as a precondition of entering into negotiations.

Demands (ver. 1)

0- Request Conflict Resolution via PGP Encrypted Email

PGP Encrypted Email is the easiest way to speak with us securely. Our email is and you can download our public key from our contact page (download from The email should be from a email address.

If no one in the GPPA knows how to set that up, that’s troubling in its own right. But you can seek help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation or view their tool guides from their Surveillance Self Defense project.

1- Make Available the By-Laws of the Green Party of Lehigh Valley & the Green Party of Pennsylvania

A simple search did not produce the by-laws of either of these organizations, though we did find the by-laws for the Green Party of Allegheny County right on their website. We simply want to know how best to approach this situation. If it is already public and we just had to dig farther, please facilitate our search by providing hyperlinks via email (per Demand 0).

2- Remove Social Media & Other Privileges from the Accused Pending Investigation

The accused is not only libeling us on social media, they are embarrassing you by boosting right wing populist influencers. Other GPPA locals should be looking into this occurance of bad-jacketing closely, purely as a matter of self-interest.

3- Delete All Offending Posts from Social Media

Although @LehighGreen deleted the quote tweet, we are still actively being libeled. Remove these posts immediately. Examples include (but may not be limited to):

It’s absolutely insane to assume a march for M4A is going to be a fascist recruitment event. Absolutely insane. @LehighGreen

You’re against M4A!!!! Who’s gaslighting, just be honest. – @LehighGreen

Ohhh sorry. I’m just going to assume this is Nancy Pelosi’s alt. – @LehighGreen

Uhhh ok let me see if I have this straight. You’re fighting super hard for people to not have healthcare cause you’re absolutely against M4A, and you want them and their families to be bankrupt before they’re done suffering. Got it. – @LehighGreen

4- A Public Statement Announcing the Offending Statements are Entirely Unsubstantiated & Do Not Reflect the Position of the GPLV, GPPA

Make sure to link our open letter so people may look at what we actually said.