Nazareth Liberals let Local Fascist Speak at “Nazareth Together” Event

On Saturday September 10, a group of Nazareth business owners & community members held a “Nazareth Together” event in response to backlash they recieved for placing pro-LGBT and pro-inclusion signs on their properties. In a letter published in early August, the far right anti-LGBT group Parents for Choice expressed concern that local business owners were part of a “dark and insidious campaign” that was pushing “LGBTQ+ and transgender ideology” on their children. The event was covered by WFMZ and the Morning Call. But both outlets left out key facts, presenting their readers with a false impression of the event.

Several speakers read statements submitted by individuals not physically in attendance. At least one of those speakers admitted this was due to safety concerns. And those concerns were valid. Known far right goon and January 6 insurrectionist Benjamin Jacques was in attendance with several of his associates.

Jacques was also allowed to speak at the event. In fact, he got the last word. WFMZ’s coverage was particularly misleading in this regard.

“I, personally, do not agree with the sign, and the only reason why is I think that if there’s a racist person in Nazareth, we should call them out,” WFMZ reported Jacques saying, referring to him only as a representative of Parents for Choice.

But WMFZ failed to acknowledge essential context. Jacques spoke for over 8 minutes in a bizarre, often incoherent rant full of blatant lies and non-sequiturs that eventually inspired heckles, a question regarding his involvement in January 6, and an accusation of bullying. WFMZ, however, chose to interpret this through the words of an unnamed associate of Jacques.

“A man who was with him noted off camera, ‘This speaker was the only one interrupted by the audience as he shared his view,’”

Jacques’ speech started with the strange declaration that Nazareth is his “Pleasantville,” perhaps a reference to a movie starring Toby Maguire & Reese Witherspoon. Ironically, the film was about a fictional 1950’s sitcom town that was seemingly perfect, but devoid of any real forms of individual expression or personal freedom. The lead characters introduce modern art, literature, and literal color to the monochrome Pleasantville. As a result, they are treated as dangerous radicals by the conservative mayor of the town. The town government eventually bans “colored” people from public venues and instigates a pogrom against them. “Colored” businesses are looted. Books are burned. Perhaps metaphor isn’t Jacques strong suit. Or maybe that’s what Jacques is planning to get up to.

Jacques continued, “Ever since I stepped foot in Nazareth, race has never been used as a weapon against me.” Jacques is, by his own admission, a white Latino. Instead of recognizing that he may be treated differently than others because he passes as white, Jacques then goes on to argue that “speaking of race does not belong in this town,” because Martin Luther King, Jr. told us to judge people on the content of their character, and that “If there’s a racist person in Nazareth, I personally will tell them to get the hell out.”

Jacques is personal friends with Nazareth business owner and fellow January 6 insurrectionist Amie Eckert. CROH documented Amie’s public displays of racism and transphobia in our article covering her far-right activism in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, including her bus charter to DC on January 6. There is no record of Jacques ever telling Eckert to leave town.

Jacques then went on to say that it must be the content of his character that ensures that he has good interactions with the police, insinuating that anyone who has had bad interactions with Nazareth police have poor character. He then admits that he belongs to Parents for Choice, insisting that they are not white supremacists (no one asked), but just parents with concerns that they want brought to the table. This is when the heckling started.

One person in the crowd asked why Jacques wanted to boycott the businesses with inclusive signage. He said that he did not want to. Another asked why he went to DC on January 6. He replied, “Oh, this again,” without further comment. A bit later, another in the crowd told Jacques to, “Stop bullying people.”

“Oh yeah, stop bullying people, too.” A nonsensical response.

When Jacques finished his speech and headed toward the back of the pavilion, the MC for the event quickly closed the open mic portion. “We’re out of time,” she said. Jacques was given the last word. The local business owners who run Nazareth Together seem more invested in giving local fascists a platform to lie about their aims than they are in creating space for marginalized voices at their events. How many LGBT residents did not show because they knew there would be dangerous bigots at the event? How many LGBT residents did show up, and had to listen to a dangerous bigot lie?

Kevin McNamara, “Webmaster” for the Proud American Patriots Network

2022-01-26: This article has been updated upon learning that McNamara is no longer working for LVHN.

This past fall, hackers released a trove of data from Epik, a domain registrar and web hosting company notorious for hosting far right content. If you have 180 GB to spare, you can download the entire leak from DDOSecrets’ wiki on Epik. We requested and received a series of csv files containing records for Pennsylvania domain registrar customers from Panic! in the Discord research collective before they closed up shop in November.

The leak includes, among other things, customer names and addresses associated with the Proud American Patriot Network (PAPN), a far right militia with direct ties to the Three Percenters. PAPN has already been covered by Bucks County reporter Cyril Mychalejko and Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch & DFRLab. Our understanding of PAPN depends heavily on Mychalejko & Holt’s reporting.

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CROH Demands Accountability from the Green Party of PA


Here’s the twitter thread.

We are being badjacketed by the Party for exposing fascist entryism in . This is unacceptable behavior that is grounds for removal in any self respecting left wing org. – @crohlv

GPLV: These people do not support M4A, obviously, they are doing all of this to prevent people from having healthcare. If you think these people see a march for M4A, support M4A so they "dig for issues" and then magically conclude M4A people are nazis, you're a moron. Seriously.
@LehighGreen quote-tweeting our research into M4M4ALL

GPPA co-chair Tina Olson has publicly requested that CROH enter into conflict resolution. We respect this, but also want to make clear the power imbalance between a grassroots anti-fascist research affinity group and a national political party.

We read this reply to mean that Oslon thinks we are upset over a mere difference of opinion, which is not true.

We do advise that activists, volunteers, organizers, and organizations steer clear of M4M4ALL. The reason is because we think the security culture of many organizations involved cannot be improved by July 24. There is an urgent need to mitigate the security risks enumerated in our open letter to M4A organizers.

We do advise that absolutely no personal information should be shared with the national organization or anyone with affiliations with MCSC Network, through or any other means.

If people disagree with this advice, so be it. We will be worried and dissapointed, but we can handle that. We are seeking accountability for bad-jacketing. As we are using it, bad-jacketing refers to a category of behaviors that can be broadly described as “using unsubstantiated accusations of conspiracy against other left wing activists.” It is a common tactic used by secret police, fascists, and other authoritarians to disrupt grassroots social movements. It’s also almost indistinguishable from having a toxic personality, so we want to make clear… bad-jacketing is bad because it is harmful, regardless of whether or not it is intended to be or there’s actually a conspiracy behind its practice. The behavior itself is what troubles us.

Therefore, we are making the following demands as a precondition of entering into negotiations.

Demands (ver. 1)

0- Request Conflict Resolution via PGP Encrypted Email

PGP Encrypted Email is the easiest way to speak with us securely. Our email is and you can download our public key from our contact page (download from The email should be from a email address.

If no one in the GPPA knows how to set that up, that’s troubling in its own right. But you can seek help from the Electronic Frontier Foundation or view their tool guides from their Surveillance Self Defense project.

1- Make Available the By-Laws of the Green Party of Lehigh Valley & the Green Party of Pennsylvania

A simple search did not produce the by-laws of either of these organizations, though we did find the by-laws for the Green Party of Allegheny County right on their website. We simply want to know how best to approach this situation. If it is already public and we just had to dig farther, please facilitate our search by providing hyperlinks via email (per Demand 0).

2- Remove Social Media & Other Privileges from the Accused Pending Investigation

The accused is not only libeling us on social media, they are embarrassing you by boosting right wing populist influencers. Other GPPA locals should be looking into this occurance of bad-jacketing closely, purely as a matter of self-interest.

3- Delete All Offending Posts from Social Media

Although @LehighGreen deleted the quote tweet, we are still actively being libeled. Remove these posts immediately. Examples include (but may not be limited to):

It’s absolutely insane to assume a march for M4A is going to be a fascist recruitment event. Absolutely insane. @LehighGreen

You’re against M4A!!!! Who’s gaslighting, just be honest. – @LehighGreen

Ohhh sorry. I’m just going to assume this is Nancy Pelosi’s alt. – @LehighGreen

Uhhh ok let me see if I have this straight. You’re fighting super hard for people to not have healthcare cause you’re absolutely against M4A, and you want them and their families to be bankrupt before they’re done suffering. Got it. – @LehighGreen

4- A Public Statement Announcing the Offending Statements are Entirely Unsubstantiated & Do Not Reflect the Position of the GPLV, GPPA

Make sure to link our open letter so people may look at what we actually said.

Fascist Entryism in M4M4ALL

To all those fighting in good faith and solidarity towards Medicare for All,

The “March for Medicare for All” (M4M4ALL) refers to a multi-city march in support of Medicare for All (M4A). It is currently scheduled for July 24. While M4M4ALL sounds like a great development on the surface, a closer examination reveals a variety of serious issues. These issues include poor operational security (opsec) and vetting practices, ties to crypto-fascist social media influencers and other far-right operatives, as well as an utter refusal of leadership to take responsibility for endangering the many well-meaning organizers and volunteers with whom they work.

Before last week, members of CROH Lehigh Valley were unaware of M4M4ALL. That was a bit odd to us, because collectively our members have dedicated countless hours to the cause. It’s a major issue. The Lehigh Valley is ranked the worst place to live in the US if you have asthma. Our parents are falling apart before our eyes. We know people who worked jobs that literally broke their back. We’ve all had to deal with being uninsured and under-insured. The problem is, the movement as a whole relied a great deal on National Nurses United (NNU) to lead the fight. But over the past year, nurses have gone through a lot. They had to confront a major pandemic with inadequate PPE and constant short staffing. 3600 healthcare workers have died from COVID-19 in the US since the start of the pandemic. One third of the dead were nurses, and two thirds were people of color. In the present moment, organized labor has been focused on keeping nurses, teachers, and other essential workers alive. So we were a little surprised when we heard that there was a major, nation-wide march being planned, presumably without the backing of major organizations like NNU. But when we found out M4M4ALL was tied to Force the Vote, we began to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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Documented Nazi & Former Allentown Police Captain Michael P. Combs Now Police Chief in Minersville, Pennsylvania

Three images of Michael Combs, Nazi Police Chief of the Minersville Police
Three images of former Allentown Police Captain & current Minersville Police Chief Michael Combs. He is a Nazi.

It recently came to CROH’s attention that the infamous Nazi Allentown Police Officer Michael P. Combs remains employed in the field of law enforcement.

Multiple reliable accounts of Combs’ dedication to white supremacist ideology throughout the 80’s and 90’s were published in a 1996 article in The Morning Call. And while a 1997 internal investigation verified several of these claims, the APD declined to terminate Combs, instead prompting him to attend “sensitivity training.” Combs remained employed by Allentown Police Department (APD) until his retirement in 2002. Despite Combs’ verified history of white supremacy, he was again hired in 2010 by the Borough of Minersville to serve as Police Chief.

In the following article, CROH will lay out the various credible allegations against Combs regarding his open support for Hitler, Nazism, and other white supremacist ideologies. We will also discuss APD’s 1997 Internal Affairs Investigation into Combs (i.e. APD’s investigation of themselves). Lastly, we will cover Combs’ 2010 transition to Police Chief in the Borough of Minersville, a small community in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

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Student Group Draws Attention to Bigoted Social Media Posts Made By Kutztown University Police Officer Alan Swartz

Pictures of Swartz.

Alan Swartz, a Bigot in Kutztown University’s Police Department

On February 3rd 2021, a student group called Kutztown University Activists (KUA) released a trove of racist, Islamophobic, transphobic, and conspiracy-driven public Facebook posts by Kutztown University Police Officer Alan Swartz. The content was shared to KUA’s Instagram account along with a petition and call for accountability in response to Swartz’s clear prejudice and bias. The student demands included not only the removal of Officer Swartz from KU’s Police Department, but also the creation of an accountability board comprised of students, faculty, and staff; a board with the power to discipline university police who engage in wrongdoing or display overt bias. Swartz, President of the PASSHE Officers Association, has been with the department since 2012.

On February 3rd, Swartz’s Facebook page was public for anyone to see. The posted content included images supporting Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who crossed state lines with an illegally acquired rifle, murdered two racial justice activists, and critically injured a third at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, WI. This post referred to Black Lives Matter activists with racially charged language. A second post featured a Confederate flag, with derogatory language painting those who understand the white supremacist roots of the flag as ignorant of history. This line of neo-confederate thinking is rampant among far-right bigots. It stems from the racist historical revisionism of “lost cause” ideology perpetuated by the Daughters of the Confederacy and other neo-confederate groups after the Civil War. Another post is riddled with content demeaning transgender individuals, immigrants, and abortion rights.

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Bangor Resident Amie Eckert Chartered Buses to Violent “Stop the Steal” Rallies & J6 Coup Attempt in Washington, DC

Four images of Amie Eckert.

Amie Eckert Charged with Harassment & Disorderly Conduct at October 2020 Pro-Trump Event She Organized in Easton

Amie Eckert is a Bangor, PA resident and Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) member who — over the course of 2020 — became increasingly active in organizing for the MAGA and Patriot movements in the Lehigh Valley. She also exported her far-right organizing, going as far as arranging a bus charter and transporting dozens of Lehigh Valley residents to the January 6th fascist coup attempt at the US Capitol Building.

Amie was a regular participant at local “pro-Trump flag rallies” leading up to the 2020 US Presidential Election. She was so active, in fact, that she quickly began organizing more flag rallies herself. Take, for example, this event that took place in Easton on October 30th, 2020.

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Disgraced Lawyer Jason Jenkins Attended J6 “Stop the Steal” Rally with Allentown Teacher Jason Moorehead, Further Implicates Moorehead

Two images of Jason Jenkins. On the left, Jenkins takes a selfie on a street corner in Washington, DC with "Stop the Steal" protestors behind him. On the left, a photo of Jason Jenkins in a blue shirt.
Images of Jason Jenkins, who accompanied Raub Middle School Social Studies teacher Jason Moorehead to J6 “Stop the Steal” Rally in Washington, DC.

The Allentown School Board zoom meeting this past Thursday night saw parents, students, and community activists speak out in fierce opposition to the reinstatement of confirmed J6 “Stop the Steal” attendee Jason Moorehead, a teacher at Raub Middle School. While the overwhelming majority of speakers opposed Moorehead’s return to Allentown schools, there were a few community members who spoke in favor of the Social Studies teacher.

Among them was Jason Jenkins, a disgraced Allentown lawyer whose license was suspended in 2012 for stealing money from his clients. During the public comment segment of the school board meeting, Jenkins claimed he was with Jason Moorehead in DC on January 6th. A direct quote: “I was with Jason Moorehead on January 6th so I know he never went within a mile of the Capitol building. And this is an easily verifiable fact.” Jenkins argued that he and Moorehead were nowhere near the violence at the Capitol building that day.

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Gerard Stezelberger — Prolific Nazi Memorabilia Dealer & Owner Of Relic Hunter Firing Line — Chartered Bus to Capitol Riot

Gerard Stezelberger, Prolific Dealer of Nazi Memorabilia

Gerard Stezelberger of Slatington, PA is known to most as the owner of Relic Hunter Firing Line, a gun shop and shooting range in the Lehigh Valley. However, most Lehigh Valley residents are not familiar with the shop’s origin story. Namely, that Relic Hunter Firing Line was funded by Stezelberger’s online business, a major distributor of authentic Nazi gear.

Screencap from the Facebook page.

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Jason Moorehead: Social Studies Teacher on the Wrong Side of History

On January 6, Jason Moorehead, a social studies teacher at Raub Middle School in Allentown and Woman’s Row Coach for Lehigh University, took a photo of himself at the “Stop the Steal” rally that incited the deadly fascist riot at the Capitol Building later that day. A picture shows Moorehead in a MAGA hat and waving a yet unidentified flag. Later that day he boosted a post that made light of the storming of the Capitol Building.

The next day, Allentown School District Superintendent Thomas Parker announced in a letter the suspension of an unnamed staff member who was “involved in the electoral college protest that took place at the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.” Moorehead has since been confirmed to be that unnamed staff member.

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