Student Group Draws Attention to Bigoted Social Media Posts Made By Kutztown University Police Officer Alan Swartz

Pictures of Swartz.

Alan Swartz, a Bigot in Kutztown University’s Police Department

On February 3rd 2021, a student group called Kutztown University Activists (KUA) released a trove of racist, Islamophobic, transphobic, and conspiracy-driven public Facebook posts by Kutztown University Police Officer Alan Swartz. The content was shared to KUA’s Instagram account along with a petition and call for accountability in response to Swartz’s clear prejudice and bias. The student demands included not only the removal of Officer Swartz from KU’s Police Department, but also the creation of an accountability board comprised of students, faculty, and staff; a board with the power to discipline university police who engage in wrongdoing or display overt bias. Swartz, President of the PASSHE Officers Association, has been with the department since 2012.

On February 3rd, Swartz’s Facebook page was public for anyone to see. The posted content included images supporting Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager who crossed state lines with an illegally acquired rifle, murdered two racial justice activists, and critically injured a third at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, WI. This post referred to Black Lives Matter activists with racially charged language. A second post featured a Confederate flag, with derogatory language painting those who understand the white supremacist roots of the flag as ignorant of history. This line of neo-confederate thinking is rampant among far-right bigots. It stems from the racist historical revisionism of “lost cause” ideology perpetuated by the Daughters of the Confederacy and other neo-confederate groups after the Civil War. Another post is riddled with content demeaning transgender individuals, immigrants, and abortion rights.

Screenshots of QAnon, Confederate, and far right militia propaganda shared by Swartz
Screenshot of KUA’s Instagram page.

Alan Swartz also posted Islamophobic content to his Facebook page, including memes claiming Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib — Muslim women of color and democratically elected members of Congress — are ISIS sleeper agents. Conspiracy theories falsely defaming progressive Muslim women such as Omar and Tlaib are common refrains among the xenophobic far-right in the so-called United States.

Screenshots of Islamophobic memes shared by Swartz
Screenshot of KUA’s Instagram page.

Additionally, Swartz’s posts displayed his belief in a false conspiracy peddled by the fascist MAGA and Patriot movements; namely, that the coup attempt these groups carried out at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 was a false flag operation. Any analysis of the individuals charged for their role in the coup attempt reveals that nearly every person who breached the Capitol were supporters of the former President who believed they were acting on his explicit orders. And reporting by major publications and independent journalists alike has proven that the attacks on the building were planned and orchestrated by far-right individuals and organizations such as The Proud Boys.

Swartz's shares and posts in support of the January 6th coup.
Disclaimer: The above is a screenshot of KUA’s Instagram post. CROH recommends against the use of anti-terror rhetoric in reporting of the January 6th event. We have previously referred to the event as a riot and an attempted coup, with the latter being more accurate given the involvement of many law enforcement and military personnel, both active and retired.

Kutztown University’s Timeline of Inaction

Feb. 8 – Students Request Meeting

On February 8th, Kutztown University Activists formally requested a meeting with university President Hawkinson, Dean McCargo, and Chief Dillon to address the recent revelations about Alan Swartz’s bigotry. KUA — taking the pandemic into account and wanting to ensure the safety of all involved — suggested a zoom meeting between university admin and the activist group, moderated by a faculty member approved by both parties.

Screenshot of email sent by KUA to KU president, dean, and police chief. Title: Holding The Kutztown University Police Department Accountable. The Kutztown University Activists would like to formally request a meeting with the three of you regarding our vision for holding the Kutztown University POlice Department accountable as laid out in our petition that gas garnered over 2,300 signatures at the time of this email. This meeting would be moderated by a mutually agreed upon faculty member and include anyone froim KUA that wishes to attend, the three of you, and the faculty member. This meeting would be live-streamed through zoom and be posted online after the meeting for anyone who wishes to view it. This is done to promote transparency between the students of Kutztown and the administration. Upon an agreement, we can decide a date that works for both of us as well as any other logistical decisions that may need to be made.
Screenshot of email from KUA.
Feb. 10 – Hawkinson Denies Meeting

On February 10th, President Hawkinson replied, denying the meeting request and citing he “cannot discuss personnel matters.” To be clear, this is a cowardly bureaucratic side-step. As President Hawkinson well knows, this is not a small rule violation that can be handled quietly and internally. This is a revelation that the students of KU have (since at least 2012) been under the thumb of a bigot. The investigation was completed on February 3rd, 2021. It was carried out by the students. That Swartz remained employed by KU on February 10th was already an egregious failure to meet the safety needs of the students.

Reply from Pres. Hawkinson to KUA. This is to acknowledge receipt of your email. I cannot accommodate your request for a meeting. I'm sure you understand that we cannot discuss personnel matters. However, we are reviewing the situation to which you refer. I encourage you to go on our Diversity and University Community Response websites to review the values of our university and the numerous initiatives in place to address diversity, equality, and inclusion issues. All my best.
Screenshot from KUA

And yet, weeks went by with no update. In response to the university admin’s lack of transparency, and the continued employment of bigoted officer Alan Swartz, KUA decided to organize a rally and bring attention to their demands.

March 10 – KUA Holds Rally Demanding Action

On March 10th, members of KUA (along with allied organizations) demonstrated at Kutztown University’s Stratton Administration Building to highlight their concerns and demand a response from administration. They rallied in opposition to Alan Swartz’s bigotry, and re-affirmed their demand for an open and transparent body of faculty, students, and staff with the authority to review the conduct of Kutztown University Police.

Protesters marching on Kutztown campus. Sign reads "Do Better KU

Remarkably, as of the date of this article’s publication (over 5 weeks since Swartz’s posts were published by KUA), there has been no communication with the student community beyond “it is under review.” And as far as CROH is aware, Swartz remains employed by Kutztown University.

Alan Swartz Represents the True Face of Law Enforcement

The fact that Alan Swartz posted these messages publicly indicates the extent to which he not only believes in this content, but also that he holds no fear of retaliation. The university’s silence on this issue validates his position.

This speaks to the role police play in the so-called United States more generally. Their job is not to defend community members (quite literally, as determined by this Supreme Court case). Rather, the role of police is to defend the property of the rich — or in this case, university property — and repress any social movement which would challenge the hierarchies that are required to maintain racial capitalism. Swartz’s racist, transphobic, anti-Muslim, conspiracy-deluded mindset is not the exception. It is the mindset required to enact the role of police officer in our current social and political conditions, and still be able to sleep at night.

And this issue isn’t something that exists here and there in a few pockets inside the so-called United States. As The Plain View Project has made clear through their published research, racist, anti-Muslim, and misogynistic attitudes pervaded virtually every police department they looked into. Most of the officers identified in their research remain on the job.

The whole of American policing is structurally racist and classist, from its roots in slave patrols and strike breakers, through the formalized, militarized forces that patrol our neighborhoods today. KU Public Safety will remain bigoted and inhumane even if Swartz is removed from the department. Not because of the “goodness” or “badness” of individuals in the department (though that does exacerbate things), but simply because of the role police play in our society.

Students Are Not Safe While Alan Swartz Maintains Power Over Their Lives

The larger problem detailed above will require unprecedented political organizing to address, likely over the course of many years. But right now, in this circumstance, it is utterly unacceptable for Kutztown University students to be monitored by an individual who openly mocks their racial, gender, and religious identities online. It is impossible for students to be safe when someone who maintains incredible power over their lives, holds them in contempt based on their very existence. And this is not just theoretical, the following allegation — posted to KUA’s Instagram page — implies that Swartz’s personal beliefs do affect his conduct at work:

An anonymous KU student: "I had an experience with that police officer you posted my freshman year. My roomate and I (both POC) was chased on Main Street by a group of white people and their Great Dane. We went to public safety. He completely lacked empathy, talked to us with a look of disgust, and made us feel completely like suspects rather than victims. He made us give him our SSN... which he wrote on a random piece of paper and kept rolling his eyes and sucking his teeth the entire time we were telling him what happened. In the end they claimed they that ONE area on Main St wasn't able to be viewed on camera and thus, they threw the case out. I never went to public safety again after that. He needs to go.
Screenshot of KUA’s Instagram.

According to DataUSA, the demographic breakdown of KU’s student body is 77% white, 9% Hispanic/Latinx, 7% Black, and 1% Asian. While the demographics of a campus should in no way affect the behavior of ANY university employee, the fact that Latinx, Black, and Asian students remain under-represented communities at Kutztown makes their social situation and personal safety even more fragile. The KUA Instagram page documents many student allegations of uncaring, inhumane, and prejudicial treatment at the hands of Kutztown University Police Officers. These stories illustrate how the content that Alan Swartz posted online is not an isolated case of one “bad apple,” but rather the default culture of the entire department.

As KUA highlighted in their February 3rd Instagram post calling attention to Alan Swartz’s bigotry, “As college students, we are told to monitor what we post online due to the fact that future employers could see it.” The university teaches students to be mindful of their actions online. But through silence and inaction, university administration continues to tacitly endorse the deeply bigoted views of their employee. This is a reckless and hypocritical position to maintain. The presence of a bigot with this level of authority threatens the safety of every individual on campus. It must be dealt with swiftly. Every day that passes while Alan Swartz remains employed by KU is another reminder of the university’s complicity in maintaining the hierarchies of white supremacy.

CROH Lehigh Valley stands in solidarity with the members of Kutztown University Activists in their call to terminate Alan Swartz. We also echo their demand for a new, permanent accountability board so students have the power to protect their peers from bigoted officers in the future. Law enforcement doesn’t keep us safe. We keep us safe.

Bangor Resident Amie Eckert Chartered Buses to Violent “Stop the Steal” Rallies & J6 Coup Attempt in Washington, DC

Four images of Amie Eckert.

Amie Eckert Charged with Harassment & Disorderly Conduct at October 2020 Pro-Trump Event She Organized in Easton

Amie Eckert is a Bangor, PA resident and Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) member who — over the course of 2020 — became increasingly active in organizing for the MAGA and Patriot movements in the Lehigh Valley. She also exported her far-right organizing, going as far as arranging a bus charter and transporting dozens of Lehigh Valley residents to the January 6th fascist coup attempt at the US Capitol Building.

Amie was a regular participant at local “pro-Trump flag rallies” leading up to the 2020 US Presidential Election. She was so active, in fact, that she quickly began organizing more flag rallies herself. Take, for example, this event that took place in Easton on October 30th, 2020.

On the left, a screencap of the "Pro Trump Flag Rallies for Lehigh and Northampton County" Facebook page promoting Amy Eckert's "TRUMP flag waving rally" event. On the right, a screencap of the event page. Listed as host of the event is Amy Eckert.

At this particular event, Amie was charged by Palmer Township Police for harassment and disorderly conduct. Of course, she lawyered up, hiring LVTP Chairman Tom Caroll as attorney. If the name Tom Caroll sounds familiar, it may be because he was forced to resign from his position as Assistant District Attorney for Northampton County after a he engaged in a racist prank against a black colleague.

Caroll succeeded in convincing the court to drop Amie Eckert’s charges. But the fact that charges were laid against Eckert in the first place speaks to her willingness to engage in elevated confrontation with political opponents far beyond passionate dialogue.

Amie Eckert Chartered Buses from Lehigh Valley to the November 14th & December 12th “Million MAGA Rallies” in Washington, DC

Amie Eckert’s far-right organizing extends well beyond the Lehigh Valley. Eckert organized bus trips to both the November and December “Million MAGA Rallies” in Washington, DC. Both of these events were covered widely in the media due to the extreme violence and mass intimidation that far-right street brawlers carried out on DC residents and anti-racist activists.

Two screencaps from Amie Eckert's Facebook page. Each is a series of images from the November 14th and December 12th bus charters to DC.

In the weeks leading up to both of these events, activists in DC raised alarm bells and implored white liberals to acknowledge and respond to this burgeoning campaign of fascist violence. Aside from a small contingent of committed activists, calls to show up and outnumber the Proud Boys and their coalition partners largely went unanswered.

Among the Lehigh Valley residents that Eckert bused to DC was Benjamin Jacques. Eckert and Jacques expressed their support for the Proud Boys — a far-right street gang — in the below screen capture from Eckert’s November 14th Facebook post. Not only did Eckert and Jacques express support, they admitted interest in starting a local chapter and went as far as e-mailing the Proud Boys organization. Eckert suggested that Jacques (a graphic designer) begin work on a flag design for their “division.”

Screencap of a November 14th Facebook post by Amie Eckert. In the comments Amie, Benjamin Jacques, and others discuss creating a Proud Boys chapter.

Not only did Eckert and Jacques communicate with Proud Boys online, they actually formed real life connections at the December 12th “Million MAGA Rally.” Take for example, Jacques’ Dec. 12 Instagram post featuring a photo from this event. In the photo, Jacques poses with a unit of Proud Boys and other far-right street brawlers in full tactical gear. Included in this photo is Philadelphia Proud Boys President Zach Rehl, who was captured on video repeatedly as he helped direct the fascist coup on January 6th. Also in the selfie is Dion Cini, a far-right provocateur with ties to neo-Nazis who actually breached the US Capitol Building at the aforementioned coup. A third person posing for the selfie is Philadelphia Proud Boys Vice-President Aaron Wolkind-Whallon. All three men display the “white power okay sign” in Jacques’ selfie.

In the middle, a selfie that Benjamin Jacques took at the December 12th "Million MAGA Rally" in DC. Surrounding this image are photos highlighting the fascist exploits of Zach Rehl, Dion Cini, and Aaron Wolkind-Whallon.
Some info pulled from sources linked above. Thank you to all researchers who laid the groundwork for us to identify these individuals.

We know that Eckert marched the streets of DC threatening anti-racist activists with members of the Proud Boy street gang because she live-streamed it to her Facebook profile. In the video below, you can actually see the moment that Benjamin Jacques asked these Proud Boys for a selfie.

In another live-stream from December 12th, members of Eckert’s crew walk past the US Capitol Building and discuss the police presence. One man asks “Do they really think we’re gonna rob the Capitol?” to which a second man replies “Well, we won’t today. But we might.”

As the video above implies, these November and December “Million MAGA Rallies” can best be understood as dress rehearsals for the fascist coup attempt at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Amie Eckert & the LVTP Charter Bus to January 6th Fascist Coup Attempt at US Capitol Building

On December 19th, 2020, Amie Eckert posted to her Facebook account imploring her followers to join her on the multiple buses she was organizing for the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally-turned-coup-attempt in DC. Three days later, on December 22nd, the LVTP posted a flyer to their website and Facebook page advertising a bus charter to DC. It’s clear that the LVTP’s bus charter and Eckert’s bus charter are one and the same because the flyer reads “Contact Amie ASAP: 484.626.2529.” A comment on the LVTP Facebook post reads “Guns optional?”

On the left, a screencap from Amie Eckert's Facebook profile imploring her followers to join her bus charter to DC on January 6th. In the middle, a screencap from the LVTP's Facebook account a flyer advertising this bus trip. On the right, a screencap from LVTP's website advertising the same bus trip.

This comment serves as a good representative of right wing online chatter in the weeks approaching the January 6th coup attempt at the Capitol. And Amie Eckert’s social media posts were no exception. Below are several posts from her Facebook account that indicate a militant disposition to the approaching event.

Series of photos displaying Amie Eckert's militancy leading up to the J6 Capitol coup attempt.

Most images and commentary about the January 6th coup attempt have since been removed by Eckert and her associates. However, we were able to capture comments by Benjamin Jacques which confirm Eckert and Jacques’ J6 contingent were on the steps of the Capitol engaged in direct confrontation with Capitol police:

“We were on the front line… On the steps… We were tear gassed, pepper sprayed… peppered pellets.”

Screencap from Steve Lynch's Facebook post. Benjamin Jacques comments on the post, claiming that he was personally on the capitol steps in conflict with Capitol police.

This next subject is incredibly sensitive, and we have done our best to handle it with care. We have never and will never post images of children; even images from violent, far-right political actions. That said, the information below is so egregious, we felt we had to address it.

Amie Eckert Brings Her Elementary-Age Child to Fascist Rallies, Child Streams Confrontation & Poses for Photo with Proud Boys

Unfortunately, Amie Eckert has made a habit of bringing her elementary-age child to the events described above. While we could not confirm that Eckert brought her child to DC on January 6th, it was very clear that Eckert brought them to the November and December “Million MAGA Rallies.” In December, she actually allowed her child to live-stream their march with Proud Boys on the streets of DC.

During this live-stream (taken from Eckert’s phone and broadcasting to Eckert’s Facebook profile), her child wandered among a crowd of Proud Boys capturing video. It’s important to point out that the Proud Boys have recently been classified a terrorist group by the Canadian government, and the FBI considers them an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.” After the crowd began marching, their group engaged in verbal altercations with DC residents; verbal altercations that the child engaged in personally.

In another video captured from her Facebook profile, Amie Eckert’s child anticipated the antifascist presence in DC, saying “I think antifa is here if I’m not mistaken. Because there are so many cops coming up. I hope they’re here.” Offscreen, a man can be heard asking the child, “You gonna beat them up?”

The next topic is likely the most egregious action that Amie Eckert took in regard to her child at these fascist rallies. At the November 14th “Million MAGA Rally” in DC, she had her child pose for a photo with two Proud Boys in tactical street-fighting gear along with the text “(child’s name) and the Proud Boys.”

Screencap of Amie Eckert's Facebook post from November 14th, 2020. On the left, an image of Eckert's elementary-age child (blacked out for the child's privacy), posing with two Proud Boys in street fighting gear. On the right, comments in support of the Proud Boys.

It’s bad enough to personally throw one’s support behind a fascist movement. It’s bad enough to personally view white nationalist paramilitaries as one’s friends. But to bring a child to fascist rallies where white nationalist paramilitaries engage in violence against local residents… the irresponsibility cannot be understated.

In Conclusion

Over the course of 2020, Amie Eckert rapidly radicalized around the MAGA movement. She organized events in support of this fascist movement. She was charged with harassing a political opponent at one of these events. She repeatedly posted racist, transphobic, and conspiracy-driven memes and messages on her social media accounts (see below). She organized bus charters to multiple violent, fascist rallies; including the January 6th coup attempt at the US Capitol Building. She brought her elementary age child to these events and had them pose with members of a far-right street gang. For all these reasons — in the interest of community safety — we have compiled this article, as well as the information below.

Additional Information:

Full Name: Amie Lynn Eckert
AKA: Amie Yankowy
DOB: 4/19/1976 (age 44 at date of writing)
Address: 6787 Fairview Ave, Bangor, PA 18013
Home Phone: (610) 264-8459
Mobile Phone: (484) 626-2529
Mobile Phone (possible): (610) 462-4826
Email Addresses:
Facebook Account:
(Another FB, possibly linked to business account:
Political Groups and/or Movements: MAGA, Patriot, Tea Party

Amie’s Business (co-owner): Carera Organix
Carera Organix Web Site:
Carera Organix Address: Martins Creek, Pennsylvania
Carera Organix Phone Number: (484) 626-2529
Carera Organix Email Address:
Carera Organix Facebook:

Additional Images:

Disgraced Lawyer Jason Jenkins Attended J6 “Stop the Steal” Rally with Allentown Teacher Jason Moorehead, Further Implicates Moorehead

Two images of Jason Jenkins. On the left, Jenkins takes a selfie on a street corner in Washington, DC with "Stop the Steal" protestors behind him. On the left, a photo of Jason Jenkins in a blue shirt.
Images of Jason Jenkins, who accompanied Raub Middle School Social Studies teacher Jason Moorehead to J6 “Stop the Steal” Rally in Washington, DC.

The Allentown School Board zoom meeting this past Thursday night saw parents, students, and community activists speak out in fierce opposition to the reinstatement of confirmed J6 “Stop the Steal” attendee Jason Moorehead, a teacher at Raub Middle School. While the overwhelming majority of speakers opposed Moorehead’s return to Allentown schools, there were a few community members who spoke in favor of the Social Studies teacher.

Among them was Jason Jenkins, a disgraced Allentown lawyer whose license was suspended in 2012 for stealing money from his clients. During the public comment segment of the school board meeting, Jenkins claimed he was with Jason Moorehead in DC on January 6th. A direct quote: “I was with Jason Moorehead on January 6th so I know he never went within a mile of the Capitol building. And this is an easily verifiable fact.” Jenkins argued that he and Moorehead were nowhere near the violence at the Capitol building that day.

Jason Jenkins’ comments at the February 11th School Board Meeting are interesting, because they conflict with the comments Jenkins made on his Instagram on January 7th (the day after the J6 Capitol Riot).

Two screencaps from Jason Jenkins' Instagram account. On the left, a post Jenkins made on January 7th, in which he sets his geolocation to "U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC." A selfie of Jenkins approaching the "Stop the Steal" Rally in Washington, DC. And commentary from Jenkins "Yesterday was a day of so many emotions. Tear gas, flash grenades, rubber bullets, etc. So much to say and lots of my videos I have to sift through before I'm willing to share, if ever. I suspected yesterday would be a bad day for our constitutional republic and it was, regardless of your political views." On the right, a screencap of the comments below the post just described. A follower of Jenkins comments "Oh wow jason, you were there? Must have been crazy." To which Jenkins replied "you have no idea".

To be clear, Moorehead’s choice to attend the J6 “Stop the Steal” rally-turned-riot is reason enough for him to never teach a student ever again. So any other details are besides the point. That said, Jason Jenkins’ Instagram comments cast serious doubt on Moorehead’s public accounting of his actions in DC that day.

First and foremost — if Jenkins and Moorehead never got within a mile of the Capitol building, why did Jenkins geolocate his post to “U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC”? And if they were never within a mile of the Capitol building, then why would Jenkins post to his Instagram page on January 7th — the day after the riot — “Tear gas, flash grenades, rubber bullets, etc. So much to say and lots of my videos I have to sift through before I’m willing to share, if ever.” In the comments section below Jenkins’ photo, a user posted “Oh wow jason, you were there? Must have been crazy.” to which Jenkins replied “you have no idea,” further inferring that Jenkins and Moorehead were close to violence while in DC.

US Capitol Building with 1-mile radius added.

You don’t see flash grenades or rubber bullets from a mile away. In fact, there is no place in Washington, DC one mile away from the Capitol building where one can see anything save the dome. Jenkins’ geolocation, in addition to his comments, imply heavily that he and Jason Moorehead were far closer to the Capitol building than they claim. And what is even more suspect — Jenkins claims to be sitting on video from the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally-turned-riot that he will likely never share.

Later in his public comment, Jason Jenkins condemned the Allentown School Board for not contacting him as part of their investigation into Moorehead:

“Not one person from the district has so much as called me, given me a text, an e-mail, nothing. Nor the other four people that were with Jason that day. None of us. We were willing to sign a verification or affidavit under penalty of perjury, that Jason would affirm his actions and his whereabouts. Nobody has asked us to do so.”

Considering Jenkins’ history stealing money from his clients, and the subsequent suspension of his license to practice law in Pennsylvania — is he really a reliable eye witness to Jason Moorehead’s actions? Given his multiple, conflicting accounts about his experience in DC on J6, we can only conclude that his statements are not to be trusted.

Jason Jenkins attempted to advocate for his friend at the Allentown School Board meeting. But he ended up further implicating Jason Moorehead. Jason Jenkins can’t get his story straight, and any comments he makes at School Board Meetings past, present, and future, can only be understood as unreliable. Given Jason Jenkins’ public admission that he traveled to DC in support of the fascist “Stop the Steal” rally with Jason Moorehead and four of their associates — in the interest of community safety — we have compiled this article, as well as the information below.

More information:

Name: Jason Anthony Jenkins
Address: 2121 W Greenleaf St. Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: (610) 439-0865

Image that originally alerted the Allentown School District to Jason Moorehead’s attendance at J6:

Two screencaps from Jason Moorehead's FB page. On the left, a FB post by Moorehead where he shares a photo of himself at the J6 "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington, DC along with his text "Doing my civic duty!" On the right, Moorehead shares a meme from FB page "Vintage Political Memes" which reads "Don't worry everyone the capitol is insured". Jason adds his own commentary: "This!"

Gerard Stezelberger — Prolific Nazi Memorabilia Dealer & Owner Of Relic Hunter Firing Line — Chartered Bus to Capitol Riot

Gerard Stezelberger, Prolific Dealer of Nazi Memorabilia

Gerard Stezelberger of Slatington, PA is known to most as the owner of Relic Hunter Firing Line, a gun shop and shooting range in the Lehigh Valley. However, most Lehigh Valley residents are not familiar with the shop’s origin story. Namely, that Relic Hunter Firing Line was funded by Stezelberger’s online business, a major distributor of authentic Nazi gear.

Screencap from the Facebook page.

Viewing on the Internet Archive, we can see that Stezelberger’s web site explicitly specialized in selling Nazi memorabilia from 2003 until 2016. A deeper dive reveals that Relic Hunter was a high-volume online store. Old Nazi memorabilia was constantly going out the door, and was quickly replaced by more.

As for Stezelberger’s reason for selling Nazi gear, he claims in a 2006 capture of, “We’re first and foremost collectors… We’ve decided to become sellers, because of the lack of quality ORIGINAL items we see in the market.” He possessed so many Nazi hats, uniforms, posters, and daggers, that he felt personally responsible to start a business and ensure everyone have access to “quality” Nazi items.

A 2006 capture of

Despite Stezelberger’s supposed commitment to providing original Nazi collectibles, a 2016 forum thread on MilitariaCollectors.Network details concerns about counterfeit Nazi gear. One commenter spoke to Relic Hunter’s notoriety as a dealer of Nazi memorabilia, and referenced Stezelberger as a “downright bent crook.” In CROH’s opinion, making money as a dealer of Nazi wares is deeply unethical, period. But it’s interesting that even among the unscrupulous bunch who buy and sell those Nazi wares, Gerard Stezelberger could be called a “crook.”

Nazi Gear Sales Used to Fund Relic Hunter’s Expansion

In 2014 — after years of selling Nazi memorabilia online — Stezelberger used his nest egg to open Relic Hunter Firearms & Military, a physical store on MacArthur Road in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

Gerard Stezelberger outside the original Relic Hunter store on MacArthur Road in Whitehall, Pennsylvania.

Rather than using his well-established website, Gerard registered for his new shop. This move created a level of separation between Stezelberger’s old Nazi business and his new Firearms/military surplus business. Perhaps Stezelberger recognized that Lehigh Valley residents would rightly question the integrity of a person who makes a living selling actual, literal, Nazi keepsakes. in 2016. The more-or-less final form of the Nazi memorabilia website. The following year, Stezelberger redirected all traffic to his firearms website.

In September of 2017, Stezelberger closed the MacArthur Road shop and reopened at the current Relic Hunter location on Egypt Road in Coplay. Newly rebranded as Relic Hunter Firing Line, Stezelberger stopped updating the old, Nazi-focused Facebook page. At this juncture it appears that Stezelberger finally removed his Nazi memorabilia website from the internet. All internet traffic from late 2017 and onward is directed to Stezelberger’s new firearms website. No mention of Relic Hunter’s origins as a notable dealer of Nazi gear.

Relic Hunter Firing Line Becomes A Hub for Lehigh Valley Far-Right Organizing

In regard to political affiliation, Stezelberger found his roots in the 9-12 Project, a defunct right-wing political project that saw heavy overlap with the Tea Party. We confirmed Stezelberger’s involvement in the 9-12 Project based on his short-lived Twitter profile from 2009, as well as images displayed on in 2010. More recently, Stezelberger has been photographed at events hosted by the Lehigh Valley Tea Party, where his employee Maureen “Mo” Gyory serves as Board Member.

A more or less straight line can be drawn between the 9-12 Project, the Tea Party movement, and the Patriot and MAGA movements that we see today. and their related social media accounts act as a perfect microcosm of this trend.

A sampling of Gerard Stezelberger’s social media posts over the years.

The Relic Hunter website circa 2005 displayed elements of hyper-nationalism and support for the Bush administration’s imperialist “War on Terror.” By 2009, Stezelberger was attempting to tweet at Glenn Beck and attending right-wing rallies in DC. For all of 2016-2020, his business’ social media platforms were directly aligned with the MAGA movement, and constantly fear-mongered over BLM protests.

In his work Anatomy of Fascism, Robert Paxton defines fascism as:

“…a form of political behavior marked by obsessive preoccupation with community decline, humiliation, or victim-hood and by compensatory cults of unity, energy, and purity, in which a massed-based party of committed nationalist militants, working in uneasy but effective collaboration with traditional elites, abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion.”

The section in bold highlights the role Gerard Stezelberger and his business Relic Hunter play in Lehigh Valley far-Right organizing circles. In the past few years, Stezelberger held Second Amendment rallies and meet-the-candidate nights for GOP politicians such as Lisa Scheller. He also agitated violent reactionaries into targeting a press release and pick-up basketball game held by local teenagers (an event organized in response to an incident of police brutality at the teenagers’ high school).

On the left, Relic Hunter’s Facebook post rallying the local far-Right to intimidate local teenagers exercising their free speech rights. On the right, an example of the violent rhetoric that proliferated as a direct result of Relic Hunter’s Facebook post.

Stezelberger pens opinions and is frequently quoted in The Morning Call and WFMZ. He also uses his online platforms to spread the debunked conspiracy theory that Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election. A delusion that climaxed in Stezelberger recruiting dozens of of Lehigh Valley residents and personally bussing them to DC to participate in the fascist rally-turned-riot of January 6th, 2021.

Gerard Stezelberger posing for a photo with failed GOP congressional candidate Lisa Scheller at a meet-and-greet hosted by Relic Hunter.

In short, Relic Hunter is a place where the whole spectrum of Lehigh Valley’s far-Right rub elbows. Stezelberger may not be a Proud Boy, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. As we covered in our recent article on J6 attendee and Raub Middle School teacher Jason Moorehead, “nice, normal people can be fascists.” Stezelberger’s connections to traditional GOP elites, Tea Party activists, local media outlets, and full-on Qanon conspiracy theorists (such as Lisa Scheller campaign Field Director and fellow J6 attendee Steve Lynch) creates fertile ground for these groups to work in “uneasy but effective collaboration” to achieve fascist ends.

Gerard Stezelberger Charters Bus to the J6 Capitol Riot

In the weeks approaching the Capitol Riot, Stezelberger posted to the Relic Hunter Facebook page inviting customers to join their bus trip to the J6 “Stop the Steal” rally in DC. On January 5th, Stezelberger was featured in a WFMZ segment and news article confirming his intention to “close up shop and head down to D.C. for the day on a bus trip with family, friends, customers and employees.”

On the same day, Stezelberger posted to Relic Hunter’s Facebook page, “Going to Washington, DC to support President Trump. Will reopen Thursday morning.” In the comments on this post and another post from January 7th, five of Relic Hunter’s Facebook followers confirmed that they attended the J6 rally-turned-riot. Their names are Matt Vanderhoff, Steve Lynch, Justin Wehr, Bill Shafer, and Laura Warmkessel. (full screencaps of both the 1/5/21 and 1/7/21 posts can be viewed at the very bottom of this article)

Maureen “Mo” Gyory was one of the Lehigh Valley residents who joined Stezelberger on his bus charter. In a December 26 post captured from Gyory’s Facebook, “Mo” and her husband’s violent intentions for January 6th are quite clear. And in another screenshot captured from Gyory’s Facebook profile, Mo confirms that while she did not breach the Capitol building herself, her friends did. Birds of a feather.

Gerard Stezelberger has been organizing with far-Right groups for over a decade. He built a comfortable upper-middle class life selling Nazi relics to private buyers. He used his platform to intimidate and endanger our community’s children. So far, his reputation as “successful Lehigh Valley business owner” has shielded him from criticism. But the events of J6 have dispelled any lingering debate about the fascist character of the MAGA movement. Gerard Stezelberger did everything in his power to strengthen fascist numbers in DC for the deadly Capitol riot. And as a result, bears significant responsibility for the all-too predictable violence that his peers carried out.

In the interest of community safety, we compiled this article, as well as the information below.

Additional Information:

Full Name: Gerard T Stezelberger
DOB: 05/09/1966
Address: 3353 Spring Valley Road, Slatington, PA
Mobile Phone: (610) 451-1064
Home Phone: (610) 760-8220

Twitter: (inactive)

Relic Hunter Firing Line Info:

Phone: (610) 440-1911
Main Facebook:
Twitter: (inactive)
Nazi Memorabilia Facebook: (inactive)

Additional Images:

Not a good look, The Morning Call.

A since-deleted Relic Hunter Facebook post from the day before the J6 Capitol Riot:


A since-deleted Relic Hunter Facebook post from the day after the J6 Capitol Riot:

Jason Moorehead: Social Studies Teacher on the Wrong Side of History

On January 6, Jason Moorehead, a social studies teacher at Raub Middle School in Allentown and Woman’s Row Coach for Lehigh University, took a photo of himself at the “Stop the Steal” rally that incited the deadly fascist riot at the Capitol Building later that day. A picture shows Moorehead in a MAGA hat and waving a yet unidentified flag. Later that day he boosted a post that made light of the storming of the Capitol Building.

The next day, Allentown School District Superintendent Thomas Parker announced in a letter the suspension of an unnamed staff member who was “involved in the electoral college protest that took place at the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.” Moorehead has since been confirmed to be that unnamed staff member.

Moorehead quickly lawyered up in order to challenge the suspension. On January 23, Moorehead and his lawyer were given a national platform by Michael Smerconish on CNN. Moorehead claims that he was no closer than a mile away from the Capitol Building and didn’t break any laws that day. His lawyer, Francis Malofiy, argued that Moorehead’s First Amendment rights are being violated. On January 28, Moorehead’s supporters organized a call-in to the Allentown School District Board Meeting asking for him to be reinstated, one person comparing his plight to the victims of Nazi Germany.

Moorehead and his sycophants miss the point, of course. No one denies that Moorehead has the right to free speech and assembly, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into employment protections. The fact of the matter is that Jason Moorehead is either a willing and knowing participant in a fascist political movement, or he is wholly unqualified to teach middle school social studies. Whether the former or the latter is true, he does not belong in an Allentown classroom. The safety, educational development, and rights of the students are fundamental to the operation of Allentown School District. Moorehead’s employment as a teacher disrupts the school district’s ability to maintain a safe learning environment for the students of Allentown.

Trumpism is Fascism

The events of January 6 have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the US is under siege by an ascending fascist movement. Robert Paxton, historian and author of The Anatomy of Fascism, has long been criticized from those on the left for refusing to call Trump a fascist. After the 6th, he now agrees that Trumpism fits his definition of fascism.

Trump’s incitement of the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, 2020 removes my objection to the fascist label. His open encouragement of civic violence to overturn an election crosses a red line. The label now seems not just acceptable but necessary.

Paxton compares the events of January 6th to the fascist riot on the Place de la Concorde in Paris on February 6, 1934. The fascists there tried to storm the National Assembly but were fired on by police. Many of the rioters went on to undermine French resistance to Nazi Germany and later became functionaries within the collaborationist Vichy regime.

Nice, Normal People Can Be Fascists

In 1955, the Jewish-American journalist Milton Mayer published They Thought They Were Free, his personal account of his interviews with 10 low-ranking Nazi Party men from the State of Hesse. Milton’s choice to exclude women from his interviews (women could not be party members) and his focus on the most conservative region of Germany has since drawn some criticism, but his account still manages to be immensely educational. It gives us a look at the self-described “little” Nazis. Many of these fascists were not all that moved by a rabid hatred of Jews or dreams of world domination. But they did see the obvious personal advantage of an economic and social order that catered to them at the expense of others.

These were “nice, normal people.” The small business owner, the rank-and-file state functionary. These were not the people who would guard the death camps, but nonetheless they realized loyalty to the Nazis was in their best interest, at least in the short term. Eventually, it became evident that the economic boom these little Nazis were benefiting from was merely a run up to an incredibly destructive, expansionist war.

World War II lead to the deaths of 7 million Germans, 6 million Jews, 5.7 million Russian civilians, 1.8 million Polish civilians, 312,000 Serb civilians, 250,000 Roma, 250,000 people with disabilities, and 291,557 in armed service of the United States of America. Germany was divided in two for the first time since German unification in 1871. The German people were ravaged, and no one deserved more blame for the destruction of the German people than the Nazi Party itself. The war was hopeless well before 1945. The high command of the military tried to kill Hitler the year before. He had let Germany be bombed to dust for nothing. Hitler’s claims to love the German people turned out to be lies after all.

For an easily digestible summary of Mayer’s book, see Part 1 of “How Nice, Normal People Made the Holocaust Possible” on the “Behind the Bastards” podcast by Robert Evans.

Students Have Rights Too

In the CNN interview, Moorehead claims that he doesn’t bring his politics into the classroom and teaches his students to be “critical thinkers.” It is our opinion that Jason Moorehead forfeited his reputation as an authority on critical thought when he participated in a fascist rally one mile away from where a contested election was being certified.

How are the people of Allentown, the majority of whom are people of color, supposed to trust this man with authority over their children? We all know what he supports. We understand the role that white supremacy plays in the school-to-prison pipeline.

Allentown’s students deserve to discover the truth about their histories. Those histories are full of truths that are inconvenient for oppressors to admit. Oppressors would rather us forget, but we cannot. We cannot expect that the truth will be revealed through Moorehead’s instruction. We cannot expect that he would respect immigrant children’s right to an education. We cannot expect that he would protect Allentown’s black and brown students from the school-to-prison pipeline. He can do nothing but harm the students of Raub Middle School by continuing his tenure there.

Here’s the Deal

Jason Moorehead teaches social studies. He has a bachelor’s in political science and a master’s in secondary education. So he has no excuse to play dumb about what he did. He participated in a fascist rally-turned-riot in Washington, D.C. He’s not the victim. He used his freedom of speech and assembly to prove to the parents of Allentown that he is a danger to their children. Jason needs to suffer the appropriate consequences for his behavior. The Allentown School Board needs to do everything in its power to remove Moorehead from his teaching position, and ensure he never instructs Allentown students again.

Take Action

  1. Sign the petition to the Allentown School Board by Promise Neighborhoods Lehigh Valley. (CROH has no relation to PNLV)
  2. Make a public comment at the Allentown School Board Meeting on Thursday, February 11 at 6PM.

More Information on Jason Moorehead:

Address: 5360 Celia Dr Wescosville, PA 18106
Phone: (484) 274-2350
DOB: 09/21/1976 (Age 44 at time of writing)
Employment: Raub Middle School (Allentown, PA)
Employment: Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
Education: Western Washington University (1999)
Education: Lehigh University (2003)

Maureen “Mo” Gyory, Slatington Firearms Instructor And Lehigh Valley Tea Party Organizer Attended January 6th Capitol Riot

Slatington firearms instructor Maureen “Mo” Gyory was among the Lehigh Valley residents who attended the January 6th Capitol riot in Washington, DC. Gyory is employed by Relic Hunter Firing Line; a fascist-owned gun shop and hot spot for far-Right political organizing in the Lehigh Valley. She travelled on Relic Hunter’s chartered bus to the violent event that, so far, has caused the death of five people. Gyory demonstrated her violent intentions for J6 in a December 26th Facebook post featuring a photo of her husband Thomas Gyory posing in full camo and holding a muzzleloader rifle. Paired with the photo is the text, “Practicing for the Jan. 6th Revolution.”

Maureen Gyory followed through. On January 6th, 2021, Gyory shared a video on her Facebook account that clearly places her on Capitol grounds in the moments leading up to the mob’s violent attack on the Capitol building. The video can be viewed below:

“Mo” Gyory and her husband Thomas Gyory are Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) organizers. Both are listed as Board Members of the right-wing political group, with their terms ending in March of 2021. The Tea Party came to prominence in 2009 as a reaction to the Obama presidency. At the time, the media presented it as a sort of looney right-libertarian, anti-tax movement. This narrative served to conceal the dark underbelly of racism, coded antisemitism, and anti-muslim bigotry that were key elements of the movement’s ideology.

For years, “Mo” has organized with both the LVTP and Relic Hunter, mostly around 2A issues. CROH recognizes the importance of armed self and community defense, especially among BIPOC communities. That said, the 2A message delivered by Gyory, Relic Hunter, and the Tea Party and Patriot movements more widely is not defensive, but rather violent in manner. Whenever a political enemy is murdered, the response is to celebrate and venerate the murderer. Gyory demonstrates this below in a November 20th Facebook post — a screen capture from the Twitter account of former Trump lawyer and Qanon conspiracy theorist Lin Wood. The post celebrates the bail-out of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was charged at age 17 for transporting a rifle he did not legally own across state lines and using it to murder two BLM protestors.

On the left, Mo Gyory’s Facebook post celebrating the bail release of Kyle Rittenhouse. On the right, photos of Rittenhouse out on bail, at a bar drinking beer and posing for a photo with “fans” while displaying the “white power OK sign.”

While “Mo” Gyory claims that she left before the mob “stormed the Capitol” on J6, she did confirm that her friends were successful in breaching the Capitol building and disrupting the electoral vote count. We look forward to identifying which friends Gyory is talking about.

Maureen “Mo” Gyory has been organizing in the Lehigh Valley’s far-Right political scene for years. She is a core Lehigh Valley Tea Party organizer, and flirts closely with the neo-fascist Patriot movement. She traveled to DC with a fascist-owned gun shop for “Revolution.” Once there, she strengthened the “Revolution” with her attendance, while her friends did the dirty work and broke into the Capitol building itself. For these reasons — in the interest of community safety — we have compiled the information below.

Name: Maureen Teresa Gyory
Alias: “Mo”

DOB: 10-31-1961 (age 59 at time of writing)

Address: 2075 Red Hill Road, Slatington, PA

Home Phone: (610) 767-1893
Mobile Phone: (610) 730-9319


Employment: Firearms Instructor at Relic Hunter Firing Line (Coplay, PA)
Employment: Public Relations & Staff Coordinator at Lehigh Dental (Catasaqua, PA)​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
(note: Husband Thomas Gyory is a Dentist/owner at this practice)

Positions Held: Board Member at Lehigh Valley Tea Party

Political Affiliations: Tea Party, Patriot Movement

Criminal Record:
Charged June 29, 2009 in Turbot Township, PA
-Driving under the influence of alcohol
-Driving under the influence of narcotics
-Driving on roadways laned for traffic
-Careless driving
-BAC .308 (nearly quadruple the legal limit) & positive test for narcotics

Mo’s Socials:

Lehigh Dental:
(610) 266-0466
223 Eugene St, Catasauqua, PA 18032 (inactive)

More photos of “Mo”:

Nazareth Resident Benjamin Jacques Takes Selfie with Fascist Street Gang in DC, Attends J6 Capitol Riot

Nazareth, PA resident Benjamin “Bengy” Jacques is a graphic designer and far-Right political activist who attended the deadly Capitol riot in DC on January 6th. Responding to a Facebook Live stream from Steve Lynch (Field Director for the failed Lisa Scheller campaign and fellow capitol riot attendee), Jacques proclaimed publicly that he was on “the front line” of the riot, personally getting pepper sprayed by police. He goes on “We were on the steps… We were tear gassed, pepper sprayed” Jacques’ comments indicate strongly that he was directly involved in mob violence against state forces in the Capitol.

Jacques identifies with the neo-fascist “patriot movement,” a hyper-nationalist far-Right ideology that has surged in influence under Trump’s presidency. He attended multiple Pro-Trump “Flag Rallies” in the Lehigh Valley during the recent election season. On Instagram, Jacques posted a photo taken from one such event. Jacques — posing in tactical gear — stares down a driver whose vehicle is adorned with left-wing stickers. In the Instagram post, he claims that political enemies near these events “won’t like the outcome.” The violent implication is barely concealed. With Jacques facing away from the camera, a firearm is not visible. However, other photographs of Jacques confirm he did open carry an AR pistol at these events.

The Capitol riot was not Jacques’ first time traveling to DC for a far-Right political action. Jacques attended both the Nov. 14 and Dec. 12 “Million MAGA Rallies.” These events saw a coalition of MAGA supporters, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, right-wing militia, and neo-fascist street gangs such as the Proud Boys engage in mass intimidation and violence against DC residents. Below is a photo of Jacques in DC on December 12th, posing with a group of Proud Boys. In the photo, at least 10 individuals display the “white power OK sign,” a favorite dog whistle of xenophobic, nationalist groups in the United States and abroad. Later that evening, members of the Proud Boys vandalized multiple historically black churches. These vandalisms culminated in the Proud Boys’ widely publicized incineration of a church Black Lives Matter banner in the streets of DC.

That Jacques traveled to DC three times in as many months for violent demonstrations indicates a high level of militancy and commitment to violent, far-Right ideology. He has already engaged in political intimidation against his perceived enemies here in the Lehigh Valley. Meanwhile he views neo-fascist street gangs as his allies, even while they betray their white supremacist sympathies in the very photos he shares publicly on social media. “Bengy” Jacques is a threat to our community. And in the interest of community safety, we have compiled the information below.


Name: Benjamin Andres Jacques
Alias: Bengy

DOB: 7/17/1984
High School: Clifton High School (Clifton, NJ)

Address: 167 S Main St # 3 Nazareth, PA 18064

Phone: (484) 426-8497​​​​​​​


Bengy’s Socials:​​​​​​​

Lit Graphics (Bengy’s Graphic Design) Socials:

The Jacques Brothers Company (Bengy’s Web Design/Visual Media) Socials:

Dynamite Shirt Printing (sells Bengy’s “Lit Graphics” clothing line) Contact Info:
DSP’s Facebook:
DSP’s Phone Number: (610) 849-6847
DSP’s E-mail:
DSP’s Web Site:
Bengy’s Clothing Line on DSP’s Website:

More photos:

Benjamin “Bengy” Jacques posturing with his AR-15 at a pro-Trump event in the Lehigh Valley.

Steve Lynch, Field Director for Lisa Scheller, Brags About Taking Part in Capitol Riot

Steve Lynch selfie

Steven F. Lynch—aspiring GOP politician, personal trainer, and the field director for Lisa Scheller’s (R) failed campaign for PA’s 7th District Congressional Seat—provided video proof on Facebook that he attended the Capitol Riot on January 6, 2021. Like many Capitol Riot insurgents, he claims that the event was infiltrated by Antifa to make Trump supporters look bad. But his social media posts leading up to the 6th suggest violent intent. “It is this right here that I have been praying for,” Lynch posted on January 1st, referring to a QAnon meme which declares that Trump will punish his enemies. “They all will die,” the meme reads.

On August 31, 2020, Lynch was one of many reactionaries who harassed a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest at Whitehall High School. Fears of “riots” were heavily publicized by the RELIC Hunter Firing Line, a fascist-owned gun shop and shooting range in Whitehall, leading to high tensions between the Black Lives Matter protesters and armed reactionaries who showed up to “protect” their town from unarmed school children. Many of the reactionaries were sporting the insignia of the Three Percenters militia.

Lynch on Aug 31, 2020 near Whitehall HS

Lynch plans to announce his candidacy for a yet-undisclosed political office at the Northampton County Court House this Thursday, January 14 at 1PM. (EDIT: since this article was originally published, Lynch has cancelled the courthouse event and postponed his campaign announcement at least thru the end of January) While he plans to run as a Republican, he has branded himself with a lion insignia popularized by the white supremacist website VDARE.

On the left, Steve Lynch’s Facebook photos. On the right, a tweet from SPLC-designated white nationalist group.

It is clear that Lynch poses a threat to our community. He has the experience, charisma, and connections needed for a successful run for political office. His major weakness, it seems, is his desire for publicity. Since January 6th, he has gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure his supporters can stay connected with him in the event he is banned from social media, even going as far as providing his personal cell phone number on a public Facebook post. It was, therefore, not difficult to gather his personal information. We present it below for your convenience.

Name: Stephen Francis Lynch
DOB: 05/08/1978 | Moorestown High School Class of ’96 (Moorestown, NJ)

Home Address: 105 Frank Drive, Northampton, PA 18067
Mobile Phone: (484) 357-5503

E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:

Socials and Web Presence: ​​​​​​​


Photograph of Steve Lynch’s tattoos.