Nazareth Resident Benjamin Jacques Takes Selfie with Fascist Street Gang in DC, Attends J6 Capitol Riot

Nazareth, PA resident Benjamin “Bengy” Jacques is a graphic designer and far-Right political activist who attended the deadly Capitol riot in DC on January 6th. Responding to a Facebook Live stream from Steve Lynch (Field Director for the failed Lisa Scheller campaign and fellow capitol riot attendee), Jacques proclaimed publicly that he was on “the front line” of the riot, personally getting pepper sprayed by police. He goes on “We were on the steps… We were tear gassed, pepper sprayed” Jacques’ comments indicate strongly that he was directly involved in mob violence against state forces in the Capitol.

Jacques identifies with the neo-fascist “patriot movement,” a hyper-nationalist far-Right ideology that has surged in influence under Trump’s presidency. He attended multiple Pro-Trump “Flag Rallies” in the Lehigh Valley during the recent election season. On Instagram, Jacques posted a photo taken from one such event. Jacques — posing in tactical gear — stares down a driver whose vehicle is adorned with left-wing stickers. In the Instagram post, he claims that political enemies near these events “won’t like the outcome.” The violent implication is barely concealed. With Jacques facing away from the camera, a firearm is not visible. However, other photographs of Jacques confirm he did open carry an AR pistol at these events.

The Capitol riot was not Jacques’ first time traveling to DC for a far-Right political action. Jacques attended both the Nov. 14 and Dec. 12 “Million MAGA Rallies.” These events saw a coalition of MAGA supporters, conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, right-wing militia, and neo-fascist street gangs such as the Proud Boys engage in mass intimidation and violence against DC residents. Below is a photo of Jacques in DC on December 12th, posing with a group of Proud Boys. In the photo, at least 10 individuals display the “white power OK sign,” a favorite dog whistle of xenophobic, nationalist groups in the United States and abroad. Later that evening, members of the Proud Boys vandalized multiple historically black churches. These vandalisms culminated in the Proud Boys’ widely publicized incineration of a church Black Lives Matter banner in the streets of DC.

That Jacques traveled to DC three times in as many months for violent demonstrations indicates a high level of militancy and commitment to violent, far-Right ideology. He has already engaged in political intimidation against his perceived enemies here in the Lehigh Valley. Meanwhile he views neo-fascist street gangs as his allies, even while they betray their white supremacist sympathies in the very photos he shares publicly on social media. “Bengy” Jacques is a threat to our community. And in the interest of community safety, we have compiled the information below.


Name: Benjamin Andres Jacques
Alias: Bengy

DOB: 7/17/1984
High School: Clifton High School (Clifton, NJ)

Address: 167 S Main St # 3 Nazareth, PA 18064

Phone: (484) 426-8497​​​​​​​


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Benjamin “Bengy” Jacques posturing with his AR-15 at a pro-Trump event in the Lehigh Valley.